Ministerial Training

Minister’s Training
Prerequisite: Clairvoyant program
To train ministers in the function of ecclesiastical duties within our church, this class meets every other week for class, and group supervision. Furthermore the minister students participate in spiritual counseling, weekly, guide clairvoyant students in their training, participate in church services, lead missionary(off-site healings, and perform ministerial rituals, under supervision of an ordained minister. After six months of training the ministers will be able to independently organize and conduct church services, ceremonies, and sacraments (confession, counseling, anointing, baby blessing, baptism, marriage, last rites, memorial, burial, and missionary healing, such as hospital and home visits). Furthermore the minister will continue to develop his or her own personal spiritual path in finding personal spiritual truth and meaning in the many religions of the world.

Prerequisite: Minister’s training
Ordination is the conferring of the title of Minister, and the recognition of a community and spiritual leader. It is also the recognition of the completion of extensive training, which prepares the new minister to conduct, lead or officiate each of the sacraments listed above. People who are ordained have completed all the meditation and healing classes, and have completed the one-year clairvoyant program. Furthermore they have expressed the wish to become an ordained minister. In the minister program, they are instructed in the spiritual and practical aspects of performing the ceremonies. At the end of the program the candidate minister will demonstrate his/her proficiency in the performance of the ritual. In the following community church service the minister will be officially ordained and blessed by his/her minister-teachers.