All of our introductory level activities are open to anyone, regardless of their membership (or lack thereof) in CCSG. They are open to all people regardless of age, gender, racial or ethnic background, creed, etc. These include Psychic Fairs, Open Houses, Prayer and Healing Church Services, Spiritual Counseling, Community Gatherings, and Special Events.

In order to become a member at any membership class, the new member must sign a statement saying:

“I am a member of the Community Church for Spiritual Growth and I am in agreement with its creed.”

Activities restricted to Members (General Members or other categories of members) are the classes offered through our seminary, the San Jose Psychic Institute, the Introductory Level Classes, Intermediate Level Classes, Advanced Training and Ministerial Training and Ongoing Enrichment Training. As with any structured course of study, many of these classes build on what is learned in earlier classes and therefore require prior completion of those classes as prerequisites.

Our membership falls into four general classes based on the training completed by each member:

General Member
Available to anyone who wants to be part of our spiritual community, no special training necessary. All you need to do is to provide your name and contact information. You will receive the monthly newsletter with the calendar of events.

Governing Member
Members who make a nominal annual gift of dues to our church and choose to exercise the right to vote for members of the Board of Directors. As of this writing, the Board has fixed annual dues for Governing Members at just $10.

Must be graduates of the CCSG Clairvoyant and Ministers’ Programs, including all of their prerequisites. They must also fill out a membership card and make a nominal annual donation designated as membership dues. Governing Ministers must additionally participate actively in the church’s activities.

Governing Minister
Ministers who make a nominal annual gift of dues to our church and actively participate in the CCSG spiritual community, through regular participation in any of a variety of activities. Governing ministers may nominate candidates for membership on the BoD, vote in elections for members of the BoD. Governing Ministers are the only class of members eligible for election to the board of directors.