Intermediate (Clairvoyant) Training

Clairvoyant Program
Prerequisite: Meditation 1
In this year-long program we teach students the basic tools of spiritual awareness of self and others. Students’ training focuses on clairvoyance and self healing in cooperation with others. In that process they attend a weekly class. Furthermore they will read visitors twice a week for two hours in a spiritual counseling, under the supervision of a teacher. In this way they will gain experience in looking at the aura, chakras and energy of other people, to gain insight in their own process, and grow spiritually, personally and professionally. Before, during and after a reading they will be guided in the development of communication appropriate to the conduct of spiritual counseling, the personal meaning of the content of each interaction, and in processing any material that is personally relevant. For graduation, students have to complete all 50 classes, read 100 times, participate at monthly fairs, and carry out a project that serves the church community.