Some Terms We Often Use
In our beginning level classes, students learn spiritual concepts and practices, and special terms for referring to them. Among these are:

Our concept of energy originates from the Sanskrit word Prana, which is described as “life force”; this energy connects the elements of the universe. Prana includes the sum total of all energy that is manifest in the universe. This is also the same as the concept as Ch’i or Qi in the ancient Chinese tradition.

Cosmic Energy:
The energy that comes from the Universe, from the Divine, that can flow through a human body and aura.

Earth Energy:
Energy which emanates from Mother Earth, that can flow through a human body and aura.

In parapsychology and many forms of spiritual practice, an aura is a field of subtle luminous radiation surrounding a person or object. The portion of the life-force, or essence of a person, that exists outside the body space and surrounds it like a cocoon.

An energetic connection between a person and Mother Earth. Maintaining this connection promotes stability in numerous aspects of life: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Running Energy:
Allowing spiritual energy to flow through the energy channels of one’s body and aura. This is an adaptation of what Hinduism calls “prana,” a means of directing one’s own life force.

This is another sanskrit word, literally translated as ‘wheel.’ Hindu tradition, and others, recognize seven major chakras, which look like wheels to the spiritually educated, aligned along the spine. Chakras are centers of energy, which help to distribute various forms of energy throughout the body and aura. Chakras are “transducers” or “transformers” where spiritual energy influences the physiology of the body, and thus every aspect of the practitioner’s interaction with the physical world.