Advanced Training

Prerequisite: Teacher’s Training
This Intensive spiritual self-exploration is for those who have graduated all of the beginning, intermediate and advanced programs described above. Participants explore their spiritual identity beyond the boundaries imposed by time and physical form. In coming to know themselves, participants encounter and clear many impediments to being themselves.Sessions of about four hours each once a month for about 18 months, plus daily meditation practice and reading (spiritual counseling) practice at least weekly.

Community Workshops
Meetings always start with a meditation, followed by a fellowship activity in which members are able to socialize with one another and build community ties. We discuss issues such as the monthly finances of the church, upcoming classes and activities, and any other topics submitted to the agenda by staff or community members. There is often a candle-lighting ceremony and prayer, followed by the dissemination of lessons from the staff member leading the workshop. The monthly workshops involve spiritual teachings and exercises led by one of the teaching staff of the church. Some are open to clairvoyant program students and graduates only, some to all members of the public. The workshops cover a variety of topics designed to enhance attendees’ understanding of meditation, prayer, and healing practices, as well as provide church members an opportunity to discuss important issues facing the church community. Past topics have included Spiritual Goal Setting, Manifesting Miracles, Spiritual Alignment, Akashic Records, and many more. Workshops end with a closing meditation and prayer.